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Jan 30,  · With 70, apps available at launch, RIM's BlackBerry 10 has plenty of options. But these 55 apps are the top choices so Daniel P. Howley. Certified BlackBerry Secure. Certified BlackBerry Secure means that the application has gone through a rigorous certification process to be listed on the marketplace. The apps have been scanned by Veracode, functionally tested, and reviewed by a security team at BlackBerry. Jun 21,  · This week we're talking apps during Talk Mobile , se we figured we'd take a look at some of the best apps out there for BlackBerry If you're having trouble finding the absolute best apps for your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10? Not to worry. We've spent countless hours finding the goods and can proudly say that we've found the best. These are the apps that every BlackBerry owner should Author: Adam Zeis.

BlackBerry is getting ready to officially launch its new BlackBerry powered Z10 smartphone here in the U. From cross-platform messaging and photo editing to gaming and file syncing, these apps cover nearly all blackberry z10 top free apps your smartphone needs.

Users create a custom home screen complete with news feeds they want to follow ranging from World news to Sports to specific news items. The app also lets you share stories via Facebook, Twitter, text message or email.

If a particular story knocks your socks off, you can write about how it affected your mood and share it via Facebook. Enable your phone's GPS function and you can search stations by your location. So when you're on the road, you can quickly find the kind of tunes you like.

You can also browse talk radio, blackberry z10 top free apps, sports and news stations. The app will also continue to stream songs when minimized to an Active Frame, so you can keep checking email and surfing the Web while jamming out. The game's graphics are impressive and blackberry z10 top free apps is razor sharp.

If you want to move your game to a larger screen, you can connect your BB10 device to your television via its HDMI connection and blast away at baddies from your couch. ESPN's ScoreCenter gives you constant updates on the top teams, the biggest sporting events and match ups and headlines from around the world of sports.

Sign up for a free ESPN account to track your favorite teams including scores and news. And with Gamecast, you can follow the action live from your BB10 smartphone. More: 14 Essential BlackBerry 10 Tips.

The birds are back and this time they're taking over the Star Wars universe. Angry Birds takes all of your favorite birds and blends them with your favorite Star Wars characters blackberry z10 top free apps create an all new experience that will have you burning through your BlackBerry's battery in no time. Better still, the birds gain new powers including Force Push and the ability to wield lightsabers. BlackBerry 10's native weather app is powered by AccuWeather, but it doesn't offer nearly the level of functionality of Accuweather's own app.

The native app, for example, can't check the upcoming forecast without having to exit to the BB10 Browser. Accuweather's app also offers satellite maps, day forecasts, barometric pressure and more.

If you tire of that, you can check out videos of wild weather events and lifestyle forecasts that let you know if you should go biking today or climbing on a particular day.

TuneIn gives you access to your favorite radio stations from your BlackBerry 10 device. Who said you can't play mobile games on your BlackBerry? Once you create an account, and enable the app's sync function, all of the photos and videos you take will be synced to the cloud whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Box also lets you sync over your data connection, although, as blackberry z10 top free apps app warns, that can get expensive over time.

The app, which is powered by Rotten Tomatoes, lets users check whether movies are fresh or rotten, blackberry z10 top free apps, look up actors' filmographies, and see what's playing in nearby theaters, blackberry z10 top free apps. If that's not enough, the app also gives you a list of recent DVD releases, so you can see if you'd rather stay in or head to the theater.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging app that lets BB10 users talk with contacts across different services. The app runs on either your phone's data connection or Wi-Fi and offers features like group chat, voice notes, share location, send photos and more.

BlackBerry 10's Camera app gives you some great editing features, blackberry z10 top free apps, but if you want to get a bit more out of your photos, PicShop Lite is the app you want. Users can edit photos saved on their device, download them from Facebook or take them using the app and make edits ranging from red eye reduction to adjusting the image's focal point.

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blackberry z10 top free apps


Can you suggest and share the link with me of Top Blackberry Z10 Free Apps AM Like 0 Postid: Firstpostid: Liked: -> 2, nnewingtons.tkerry.c. Certified BlackBerry Secure. Certified BlackBerry Secure means that the application has gone through a rigorous certification process to be listed on the marketplace. The apps have been scanned by Veracode, functionally tested, and reviewed by a security team at BlackBerry. Aug 14,  · BlackBerry 10 heralds a new dawn for apps on BlackBerry. Prior to the launch, BlackBerry employees tirelessly worked with the developers, both established and new, to bring the applications to their next generation platform. The result was been nothing short of outstanding. Rich, smooth, and fast 3D games populate the central marketplace, BlackBerry Adam Zeis.