can i switch my straight talk service to a boost mobile phone

Dec 08,  · Best Answer: The answer to that question is Possibly, and No. Half of the Boost Mobile phones use IDEN radios (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network). The phones are easy to identify- they have Direct Connect (the "chirp"). These CAN NOT be used on any service but Boost Mobile, or if unlocked, Nextel (Or Followers: 1. i am currently a straight talk customer who's looking to upgrade my phone and switch to boost. does my current phone number have to be a working number in order to change it? if so, then that means waiting another whole month, as i am on a fixed income, which is something i do not wish to do as i have had wwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too many problems. Re: Straight Talk phone to boost accountis it possible? You might have issues moving to another service, what people don't know is once in boost it's like the mob you have to have service for a year on the phone you activated before they will unlock the phone to use on another system. straigjt talk is T-Mobile backed so it's a GSM service.

Using a phone from another carrier on Straight Talk Wireless - Wise Finish

Are you sure the VoiceMail's are from ST? I just find it hard to believe that they would call you about you tube videos, I have heard of people getting the contracts canceled for data usage, but they had a rooted phone and were using it to tether and that was after months of using the phone as there only source of Internet.

Prepaidguy Android Enthusiast. Sep 28, 54 I do not belive these calls are from straight talk. Now that being said they have shut my data off at the end of the month three times, they cut it back on AFTER I CALLED THEM, the third time I asked them to define the term unlimited, then I asked them to define false advertising, and have never had a problem since even with my extreamly high data usage, now im not saying go out n teather but I am saying that i stream video all the time, I use tons of data, Straight talk dose not call you, someone is scamming you.

I would call straight talk and request a number change, a free service if used only once per year. Furthermore, Boost and straight talk both run on sprint, can i switch my straight talk service to a boost mobile phone, can i switch my straight talk service to a boost mobile phone I have seen better service with straight talk over boost.

Side note, Though I have never had my data shut off, They have started to throttle me down to 2g after 4gb in the month. Nov 30, 86 53 Harrison Mi. My gf and i have boost and st. She got alot of calls saying her data was way over. Its not st. It is a scam, can i switch my straight talk service to a boost mobile phone. I posted a thread in the forum about it this summer.

Straight talk never ever asks any personal info. Thats the tip off. They dont even ask for her first name. Avast has a call and sms block feature and is free in play. We both tether, play youtube, etc. Never had an issue with the carriers yet. We have the same crappy service everywhere we go. Ive never had data throttled yet, and im a data pig. Corelulos Lurker.

Dec 22, 3 0 5. Boost really isn't any better from my experience with them. But everybody I know, has had good luck them. Crimsimonia Newbie. Mar 27, 20 1 16 Female. I am hoping to keep this thread alive on original topic. What carrier information or files do I need to change back to boost after flashing a Precedent rom???

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can i switch my straight talk service to a boost mobile phone


Using a phone from another carrier on Straight Talk Wireless. 9 months ago. Comments. you can port your Boost Mobile number to Straight Talk. Am I able to switch my straight talk service to the simplemobile service using the same phone? Reply. Wise Finish says: January 15, at pm. Nov 30,  · Straight Talk will unlock phones of current and former Straight Talk customers without charge. Non-former customers may request unlocking, but Straight Talk may charge a reasonable fee. The Straight Talk phone must have been activated on Straight Talk Service for no fewer than 12 months with service plans redeemed in no fewer than 12 months. Jun 10,  · After reviewing other service options in within our price range, Boost mobile seems to be the best, and she'd like to switch the phone over to that instead of Straight Talk. Click to expand She can talk to Walmart about returning it for credit and buying a Boost phone and time.